Poppa decides to step up and prove that steam power is still relevant, despite everyone’s misgivings, by racing himself in the third eliminator heat. The large-scale tour that began in Japan in continued to Australia, where it visited Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, ending in May Together, Lloyd Webber, Stilgoe and Nunn developed the story to include the idea of trains and coaches racing. After withdrawing from the project, Lloyd Webber heard a recording of an American soul singer, Earl Jordan, who could sing three notes at once in the style of a steam whistle. The races were mostly shown on film, however a small race track extended out into the audience. The project went into development hell , but Lloyd Webber remained interested in the idea of telling a story with trains.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Starlight Express Theater features tracks on three levels in a U-shape, with the audience sitting in the middle and around these tracks. Rusty retreats to the freight yard, where he bumps into the Rockies. Lloyd Webber and Peter Reeves wrote a novelty pop song for Jordan called “Engine of Love”, which was released in Archived from the original on October 12, Control offers the engines the chance to change partners. The project went into development hell , but Lloyd Webber remained interested in the idea of telling a story with trains. Rusty and Belle finish in last place.

Dast musical numbers in Starlight Express have changed many times since the first production opened in This page was last edited on 18 Februaryat The stage design was unique to this production, featuring landmarks such as Mount Rushmore and had a platform that could elevate up from the floor to change the setting of the races. The production was directed by Robin Cousins and featured figure- and dxpress miming to pre-recorded music. The winner of each heat will go into the final to decide the fastest train.


Starlight Express has been revised many times since it was first produced.

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In response he abandons her. Electra quickly appeals to C.

John Napier designed by the set, which featured race tracks extending from the stage into the auditorium, as well as a six-tonne steel bridge which lifted and tilted to connect the various levels of starliight set. However, the creative team made a further series of revisions, notably removing a character, Belle, who had been part of both the West End and Broadway productions.

The race is fast and furious.

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The races were mostly shown on film, however a small race track extended out into the audience. Greaseball, showing no concern, simply disconnects Pearl at full speed.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Starlight Express. Electra’s messenger, Purse, enters with an invitation from Electra.

Starlight Express chugs back on stage

Variations Requiem Watership Down. Numerous changes from subsequent productions were incorporated:. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Rusty refuses at first, but then he notices Pearl with Electra and is jealous. Greaseball mocks Rusty, who replies that he will win the championship, despite steam being obsolete compared to diesel Call Me Rusty. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

Six trains arrive to challenge Greaseball: Starlight Express will return next spring for a UK tour, according to Whatsonstage. Lloyd Webber and Stilgoe staglight two songs the following summer at the Wtarlight Festival.

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He tells Pearl that he won the race and confesses his love for her Only You. Tell Me on a Sunday. Rusty diverts from the race course just in time to save her, but at the cost of falling into a distant third place. In Lloyd Webber visited the production for the charity gala in which the show was performed in English, and found it ‘unrecognisable’ following years of incremental revisions.


Electra zaps electricity at Greaseball, but misses and injures Pearl. Lloyd Webber, Phillips and original designer John Napier returned to oversee the changes, which Lloyd Webber now considers the definitive version of Starlight Express.

Poppa wins the race, securing a place in the final against Greaseball and Electra, but the effort of outracing the others and pulling the hefty Dustin exhausts him. This means that, with the Bochum production open, there were three markedly different versions of Starlight Express now running at the same time. The engines start to pick their coaches.

The regional premiere was performed in Tuacahn, Utah, in June Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical. The trains debate whether Rusty should be allowed to take Poppa’s place in the final, strlight he’s already competed and lost, or whether the place should go instead to Bobo, who finished second in Poppa’s heat The Rap.

No further tour dates have been confirmed as yet. Retrieved 29 June