To develop this activity we decided to use the skills and experience at Market Evo- lutions, a service-providing company that is able to handle the development of the project by also following international mar- keting strategies and the programming of events. Here, at the extreme eastern end of the Alto Adriatico, in the bluest area of Central Europe, where great literary au- thors such as James Joyce, Italo Sve- vo and Umberto Saba, found their inspi- ration, one can feel the embrace of the sea. Udine is also known for being a presti- gious shopping center. When the territory of the region turns into fiction location rather than au- teur cinema, other value creation me- chanisms come into play. In conclusion, a dynamic character, a substantial market share, a distri- bution network that extends from the province of Mantua throughout the whole of Italy, today makes Or- tofrutticola one of the leading na- tional operators in the sector and one of the top companies in the area. One can blend in with the people that, af- ter work, meet for the classic aperitif:

The guidelines that have been identified are two. Starting from a local territory with so much willingness to redeem itself, which Maurizio Marchesini developed by skilled personnel Modern technologies The modern lines. According to a recent study carried out by Symbola on data, cultural and creative companies in Friuli Venezia Giu- lia are a total of 5,, produce 5. It all began in when Massimo Ferrari, with vast experience as a sa- lesman in the pharmaceutical sector, The ingredients for a successful formula The local area, family and research are the winning cards for Pharmaday, an innovative pharmaceutical company together with his wife Giorgia Ver- gani, decided to start in Copiano, just outside Pavia, their own family business involved in the distribution of medicines, which seven years later became a pharmaceutical company. Keeping in mind that, unfortunately, our peninsula is periodically subjected to seismic tremors, it should be absolutely mandatory to build using anti-seismic materials and systems in locations that suitable and without tempting fate. In collabo- ration with the dedicated associations of each category, strategic projects that intersect sectors and production lines. Today, these product names are our own commercial identity.


The at- tachment to the area is also reflected in the recruitment of local workforce: And it is exactly this perfect mixture which conquers the international audience. When we talk about meat, we can ask the help of a man who — after decades of travel across the whole world — is using his edsn production and entrepreneurial experience to become the most trusted supplier for top restaurants, quality cate- ring, the best butchers, and the most se- lective segments of the great supermar- ket chains.

On the long journey through excellent Italian foods made of taste, style and quality, other products that are actively part of our daily lives certainly cannot be missing. A result fiarre was possible thanks to the cooperation of citizens and to agreements between Cial and the re- levant local authorities.


And this has alrea- dy been enough to start off relationships with companies, both national and inter- national; something that was unthinka- ble just a short while ago, but which giarde sees us approached with visible interest.

Maybe – concludes Anversa – it is a result of all of this that our com- pany has continued over the years to enjoy steady growth. Sacile, whose characteristic historic town center is situated on two islands on the River Livenza will welcome you warmly, offering opportunities of relaxation and recreation. Those who have understood this – and as we will see, many are the companies who have changed gears – today are already on the right road, and they can now see that the specter of that long eco- nomic crisis — which has involved not just Italy, but the whole of Europe, slowing down the processes of growth – is finally fading.

The Vice President and Councilor for Productive Activities, Sergio Bolzonello, believes it so much that he included this consi- deration among the strategies for the growth of the Region. Edem and choices that are awarded, that return exceptional operational results. Over time the company has been strengthened by the acquisition of products and the entrance, inof experienced managers coming from Italian and international corporations, who, with their know-how enabled the com- pany to achieve, in a short time, si- gnificant results.


This means paying attention not just to the use of the precise technical means used but also to correct use of natural re- sources. With its specialized com- pany, Paviasviluppo, support for local activities is made real.

This is required by the do- mestic market but above all by big in- ternational competitors. But fortunately today the market is much more mature, and it seeks a different pro- duct, a medium-high level wine, with Doc controlled origin, but whose giarrr ra- tio remains very interesting and is right for the Italian market which by now perfectly understands the true value of Lambrusco, in addition to its incredible potential.

ONE MAN BAND Francesco Buzzurro Live a Giarre

Today, instead, Cous Cous by Bia is the product chosen by chefs renowned for innovative plates, true fusions of tastes and flavors capa- ble of pleasing even the most difficult of palates, and also by youths and fans of healthy and innovative products. To the south is a large plain, with extensi- ve meadows and springs, mills and small votive churches: And so, Lambrusco means the Via Emilia, Modena, Reggio, Parma, strong salamis and generous orar, like the extraordina- ry land where this grape has been grown and this wine has been produced, for cen- turies now.

All needs that are easily met by relying on Cous Cous by Bia, a company with headquarters in Argenta, in the provin- ce of Ferrara, that has become in just 10 years a Giarrs and cinma leader in the production of organic couscous thanks to a very high-quality and entirely Italian production, capable of entering the major foreign markets with the au- thority and the numbers of a true mar- ket leader.


Because in the end, you can never forget a good glass of Lambrusco Modenese Doc. The analysis of the variables invol- ved allowed us to define tailored de- velopment plans that can optimize the management of local activities while maximizing efficiency giatre ef- fectiveness of the integrated recove- ry systems in terms of results and fi- nances.

Antonio di Colognola ai Colli Verona. In a complex market like the present one, punctuality in delive- ry and quality are ever greater challenges.

Ferrari – but we are very intere- sted in focusing more and more in- ternationally. Cous Cous by Bia is truly cinemx he- althy, easy, quick and economic alternati- ve, but most of all it is ready to be used in the kitchens of great chefs cibema like at our tables every day.

A glorious past, but a present that matches it. A quality production that can, better than anything else, speak of the rich biodi- versity of the area, and represent 43 among Pdo and Pgi products. It is true, wine production is the dominant vocation, but with a new approach.

To develop this activity we decided to use the skills and experience at Market Evo- lutions, a service-providing company that is edeen to handle the development of the project by also following international mar- keting strategies and the programming of events.

This is why we must tip over our point of view and try to highlight our lo- cal territory first of all, transforming it from an area people pass through to a precise tourist destination able to gratify even the shopping mall with an adequate flow of pe- ople. And one of the historic leaders of this important market segment is Grissin Bon located in S. An opportunity not to be missed for those who love to travel and discover the cultural and scenic treasures of the Italian peninsula, without forgetting the good food and enjoying the infinite types of local products that our traditions give us.

Do you want to know more? In Spilimbergo, a town which houses a charming historical center, with a castle where a stunningly beautiful painted pa- lace stands, there is an ancient mosaic tradition, which gives life to works that adorn a variety of locations around the world. The under 34 who work as agricultural entrepreneurs, assisting family, or as agricultural cooperative part- ners, have now surpassed 70, units.