Are Tree and Co. It is essentially 75 minutes of pure, uncut childhood snorted directly to the pleasure centers of the brain. The effects feel recycled from the last movie and what is supposed to be the Arctic Circle is clearly a desert in the American Southwest with a cheap-looking blue digital filter applied to it. The Act-Ups- Alive Again. December 20, at Learn how your comment data is processed.

She is obviously troubled, but sympathetic, creating a complex portrait of someone who you like, even as she has a propensity do stupid or terrible things. Director Paul King has mostly done stuff like The Mighty Boosh, and he has a fantastic sensibility here, taking what could be a mawkish cash-in and truly doing something worthy of the stories. It also features a brilliant Looney Tunes visual gag in which he pats the dust of the trail off of himself, leaving a cloudy doppelganger behind. February 13, at 4: Old-fashioned as it may be, he puts a real arc into the character over the course of the film. When all that is put together, it amounts to a pretty cool piece of cinema with a chance to see its reputation grow with time. Otherwise, I would expect to see women running around with bloody hair and eagle scars, right alongside men in baseball shirts, carrying axes like in the next film. The plot is a solid idea.

When is it continuing? This glimpse inside the life of the ordained Presbyterian minister and his TV show allows us to see just what kind of person he was who could make a episods that endured despite breaking all the traditional rules of what makes for good television. Lots of tshirt designs for all the family, from movies, tv shows and gaming!

But hey, part of the reason I checked it out in the first place was its good reviews on Letterboxd, so decide for yourself. Yet nad maintains a strange sense of authenticity; something with which almost no other part of the North Pole mythology manages to escape. So it stands alone as a strange movie that dares you to look away as it washes unease over you and leaves you unsettled; plot threads dangling in the frozen Alaskan wind.

The comic book staple ideas and tropes and out-of-left field humor established in this film are the kind of concepts that Marvel itself sewson it had to warm audiences up for almost ten years to get them ready for.


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January 14, at 1: Unfortunately, it has since become commonplace for this to happen in things that have no business doing so as a crutch for a lack of story-based humor; case in point, The Grinch.

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Aisle of the Damned: Is it strange for the best Spider-Man film to feature Peter Parker as a side-character or at most a co-lead?

The earlier mention of the drug that that can influence a mind, had me thinking that his old Argos trainer slipped a Micky into the water and Arrow achieved a mass belief that the fight took place and Rau believes him dead. As an added bonus, the animation bucks the trend of other WB DC features by being good. Fluff that is probably supposed to be propped up by bombastic visuals, but unfortunately these also fall flat.

Call it Return of the King Syndrome: Anyone know what happened or when they will be shown?

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The second story, in which James Franco plays a would-be bank robber who escapes a hanging only to have irony kick him in the pants, has one of the best punchlines in cinema this year. Oozing charm like crazy, he stole the entire movie out from under some veteran character actors, including a very solid Woody Harrelson. Keep in mind, these are solely my opinion based on what I like, and that I did not even come close to seeing everything I wanted to. January 29, at After some surprise success erupts from one of their home recordings, there is a lot of push and pull as he attempts to find a way to stay in her life and keep the special bond that music gives them, even as she tries to walk away from the artistic release that she needs to cope with the changes she is forcing in order to make the separation easier.

Old-fashioned as it may be, he puts a real arc into the character over the course of the film. Even then though, the Elastigirl sections are fun to watch, and would be strong enough to dominate most other films.


The guy is 82 years old and could still probably get any woman he wants. He is the MVP of what could be cynically looked at as a strange cash-grab and attempt to prime audiences for a watered-down version of the character in the wake of the Disney sale. Perhaps the biggest issue is that it arriw itself too seriously to even be entertaining for the wrong reasons.

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Recent News Geektown Radio Any idea of they will rescreen them before the second part comes back? Or should I say, Spider-Men? Missed the first half of season 3. Dropping off the series for a bit to add a convincer…. By Kent on February 17th, Click to view them all. It may not be flawless, but it certainly is satisfying, as indicated by the shouts and hoots from the ladies in the audience at the screening I attended.

January 6, at Sadly, that bold direction ends up feeling akin to being slapped in the face by Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers. Not nearly as dumbfounding as making a flea-bitten Kennedy a romantic lead opposite a beautiful woman, though.

The rare animated feature with enough edge to be rated PG, it helps fight the annoyingly reductive idea that the medium is nothing but kids stuff aside from the rare, over-the-top R-rated feature. It feels entirely earned. I cannot recommend this enough for geeky parents who want to have fun watching something with their kids, instead of slogging through flaming garbage like Peter Rabbit or The Emoji Movie. Happy Death Day 2U. THE RITUAL Born of a brutal act of violence, The Ritual is a movie about healing after tragedy, disguised as a creature feature in the dark forests of Sweden, wherein four lads from England, following the death of one of their own, go on a hiking trip through Scandinavia.