Similar to this is the proliferation of theatre associations. This paper, therefore, corroborates the view of Ojeyemi and Sesan that: The audience at home and the audience in the diaspora America; Europe and Asia. The semi-literate audience have alloyed interest in the watching of Yoruba movies. Aug 18, After carefully listening to Davido’s Ekuro and Psquare’s Onyinye, of the three major tribes in Nigeria towards expressing their love for a beautiful lady. The off-shore Yoruba film audience have access to these films through the facilities of the internet, particularly Youtube and Irokotv with Ibakatv; and the nefarious activities of some individuals. Hugh and Harmon William.

Log In Sign Up. The illiterate audience see Yoruba films as cultural products to be consumed for sustainable cultural nationalism. Essays in Honour of Professor Michael Omolewa. It was difficult and uneconomical for filmmakers to make films on celluloid. The large volumes of evangelical genres of Yoruba films are produced by religious groups-Christianity and Islam. Thespians and Cineastes as Engineers of the Nigerian Soul. The angle of shots and mode of transition that are seen in Nigerian movies betray the high level of professionalism expected from the Nigerian Society of Cinematographers.

The large volumes of evangelical genres of Yoruba films are produced by religious groups-Christianity and Islam. Film critics and scholars have observed that television plays were hand-in-hand with cineart celluloid through the availability of film stock of Nigerian Television Authority.

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From observation and ekhro, it is in our opinion that semi-urban residents watch Yoruba films more than urban and rural residents. For instance, Opa Kan teaches the moral that it is always good to guide and protect the gift and talent that an individual is endowed with by Almighty God.


Level of literacy of Yoruba film audience also influences their attitude. It is quite unfortunate that ekudo genre of Yoruba film industry focuses much on entertainment with little or no moral.

These conditions create inconvenience and discomfort for the majority of the residents in the rural settlement. It is however not heartwarming to see that audience is not fully regarded in the Nigerian film making process. The audience and the genres of Yoruba films are also examined.

The de-ritualized dramatic enactments began in the old Oyo Empire through the incidental event of during the reign of Alaafin Ogbolu. University Press, Plc, They also have access to digital broadcasting of films: What is interesting in the films that fail to teach moral as surrogate parents to our youngster and children?

These troupes were travelling from one town or community to another for performance. The expectation of comedy film is to teach moral in a lighter mood and with some amusement. Their passion for Yoruba films is informed by the unending quest for linguistic and cultural renaissance of Yoruba nationality.

This situation calls for urgent actions. Jun 19, A Yoruba Movies Concept. Since these first trials and innovations, better rewarding experimentations has been coming into the Yoruba film industry.

The presence of these video film rental shops makes Yoruba films available to people in the semi-urban residency. Audience Reception of Yoruba Films. The identified genres of Yoruba film, in this paper, are history, comedy, love and romance; thriller and evangelical.

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This paper raises the question: It is usually premised upon the fact mmovie nothing good in life comes easily. A critique The revolution in the information super highway, through the factors of digital technologies, internet facilities and satellite broadcasting that reduces the whole world into a global village has expanded the Yoruba film audience YFA beyond the ken-and-control of ethnic nationality.


Television plays recorded success at the period because it was a new medium that impacted on the auditory and visual sensibilities of the audience, unlike the medium of radio that preceded it. Charity begins at home.

The identified genres of the Yoruba films are epic; comedy; tragedy; thriller; love and romance; history and tragedy.

Faculty of Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, Sesan 11 comments on the significance of television on the development of Yoruba theatre and film. The innovation and astuteness of Kenneth Nnebue, an Igbo business man offered the magic wand in the production of film in the video format VHS.

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The semi-literate audience have alloyed interest in the watching of Yoruba movies. This mivie is grouped into three: Ed Yemi Ogunbiyi Lagos: This argument does not foreclose the involvement of producers of secular films in the production of evangelical film.

Yoruba film industry has harvested from history genre. New York and London: Ibadan Journal of Theatre Arts, No.

They only watch Yoruba films to past time or to while away time.