Made more lighting options for EthoCorp instead of using torches Discussing the changes to his squid tank and changes in the snapshot Received his first bulk order from Adlington Made his mountain base more boat accessible by adding boat dispensers and creating a boat elevator Made improvements for the potion brewing at EthoCorp Made the minecart with chests Nether accessible Delivered Adlington’s potion order. The playlist for this series is “Etho Mindcrack – Season 1”. He’s got a real good personality. This page was last modified on 7 July , at Attempting to kill mcgamer Visiting Doc’s treehouse Working on a brewing station at the blaze farm. Looking at new buildings around spawn Enlarging the Nether Hub portal and making a quarts detail Discussing his quartz trip. That alone ain’t worth 3 diamonds, but he’s also taking the time to smelt them into bricks and then into brick blocks, one clay ball being one brick, and 9 bricks to make the brick block.

Constructing the walkway and variable enchanting room. Fighting Nebris and discussing the battle. Touring what has been done on the server so far Gathering levels and enchanting Creating villagers with Seth and Nebris. Working on the storage area in his jungle base Showing the state of the mob farm Working on the crumbling tower game with Beef. A prank on Zisteau. Strip mining for cobble Progress on his nether track Addition of a rail entrance and beginning to work on the track to the blaze farm. Setting up EthoCorp’s bulk potion delivery service Setting up a method to flood the NetherHub with mobs Testing his mob flooding system Capturing “Little Buddy” the baby pigman.

Cleaning up the Nether hub Falling through his Nether track into a room decorated by Zisteau representing Team America Discovering that the joined eepisode slabs have turned into Nether brick half slabs Spleef on Dwarves vs. Etho and SethBling showing BdoubleO’s new building prank house in the Town Hall Etho digging dirt in a time-lapse to make a certain height to ethho his unnamed mountain base Gave a short tour after the water had been placed Revealed that Baj and SethBling set up in the Red Portal room and his pathway leads straight to the Nether-End portal.

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Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode 151: Custom Tree

Putting out fires in his jungle Starting to construct a mob farm Looking at the mechanisms under the arena Joking about redstone, trombones Testing the arena. Moving minfcrack community Zisteau to his lab and encasing him in ice Trying to drop an anvil on generikb Showing the automatic lab door and building more of the building Mourning his horse Rusty.


Setting up a pyrotechnics system at the arena. Touring what has been done on the server so far Gathering levels and enchanting Creating villagers with Seth and Nebris. Reading the signs left by Baj on the chicken prank Working the central storage area Addressing Zisteau’s montage battle Dropping anvils on people in the arena.

End of Season 4″.

Harvesting Ice at SethBling’s ice farm Revealing the facade of his tree farm and discussing the logo on episodd front Fixing the redstone for the Death Games and starting to rework the equipment system. Trading gold and rails for diamonds Mentioning that he put ice under the paths in Spawn village Finding BTC has made Charlottes and her web around his pet store Burning Charlotte and talking about reading Riding Wilbur the pig Showing the progress in his mob farm Discussing a game for Guudeland.

Trying to untangle all the tracks affected by the Nether hub expansion Working with Baj and BdoubleO to design the shops.

Etho/videos – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

The playlist for this series episoode “Etho Mindcrack – Season mindcravk. A prank on Zisteau. You seem to be one of those few exceptions Etho! Fighting eoisode Wither in his jungle base with BdoubleO and generikb Fighting Wither Skeletons on his skeleton spawning pad in the Nether Fighting the Wither by himself on a desert island and making a beacon Discovering colored panels on the walls of his base left by Nebris.

Discovering penguin pranks left by Avidya and Pyro Playing various death-related games with VintageBeef and Mhykol in the middle of Spawn. Talking about his Internet and using a mobile hotspot to connect to the server Building a river near EthoCorp Laboratories Stalling and prevent BdoubleO from logging off Hunting BdoubleO as part of the Death Games Showing his squid tank VintageBeef installed for him Digging a simple underground mob farm.

Pranking AnderZEL by placing buttons and rigged dispensers with potions with negative effects around his base. Discovering a chicken dispenser trick from Baj Finding generikb’s RV while continuing to excavate his base Building the second ring and starting the third Enchanting and repairing at the Ender Ender Discussing anvils and game balance. This page was last modified on 7 Julyat Farming cactus Showing the clay farming procedure in the mesa biome Battling Pause in their civil war Work on the tunnel through the Nether to new biomes.


Reaction to being signed up for generikb’s cat fancy service Planing for EthoCorp to follow a similar business strategy Making over generik’s daycare as part of EthoCorp’s free “Von Sway” decorating service with BdoubleO and Guude. Talking about his first death Clips from Entering the Nether Caving Showing his temporary home Discussing his plans for his mountain village Trying to buy an apple from generikb’s shop enchanting.

Depositing crafting tables into the vault Showing his Death Games building Collecting glowstone, checking out generikb’s slime farm Clips from building a spider trap with Anderz, Doc and Seth. Sky Shrooms Part 2 “.

View 87 previous comments. Constructing the walkway and variable enchanting room.

Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode 152: It Shines

Working mindcrakc the redstone for a door chime and payment hoppers Explaining that VintageBeef knew what he was doing when he tried to plant melons on his trees Breeding madcow21 ‘s dogs. G-All Nether Mod Prank”. King Of The Boat”. Season 3 Finale 2 of 2 “.

Why do you never swear in your videos? Finding MC has provided the requested diamonds and left a pumpkin smiley Working on the storage area at his jungle base Harvesting jungle trees and talking about Minecraft music. Racing Arkas to the DocShop for glowstone Cleaning baby zombies out of the mob trap at EthoCorp Showing progress and products at his shop Helping mcgamer blow up his lapis exchange Discussing item frames in the snapshot Slaughtering Nebris in the Death Games.

Cleaning up the nether makeover on his cave. See Slaying of the Wither. Tunnel To New Lands”. Discussing changes at spawn Making a storage area under his lab. Trading with Beef and buying from Anderz Showing the wiring and working on the second floor. Looking at new buildings around spawn Enlarging the Nether Hub portal and making a quarts detail Discussing his quartz trip. Collecting Nether quartz Changing the exterior of the trivia game Explaining the redstone behind the game.