He suggests to use a new comby play with Shin named Sagittarius Sakuraba gets a short pass and Shin blocks the defense going to tackle him. A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The next day, Hiruma sells Doburoku’s truck and tells him to go to the casino and bet his all on roulette 21 ‘s on red Archived from the original on February 22, Deimon comes to the stadium to watch the match. Samurai Kings Shining Hearts:

Monta puts on a brave face and encourages Sena despite being heavily battered and barely able to walk straight. Sena applies all the training from the death march in the match. However, the Ojo White Knights’ ace player linebacker Shin is put into play, turning the tide in favor of the White Knights. Sena passes through Doburoku with the new Devil Bat ghost move, and Doburoku realizes Sena’s unlimited potential. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Man with the Speed of Light” Transcription:

Seibu Wild Gunmen vs. As they drag him into the Football club to beat him up, Ryokan Kurita arrives and scares them away, thinking they wanted to join the Football club. Archived from the original on April 23, With the help of the two American girls who were being epislde by the culprits the night of the disaster, Kurita’s name is cleared. Archived from the original on October 19, After being told by Mizumachi from the Poseidons that he is no good at football, Eyeshoeld runs away from him.

Before he finishes talking, Hiruma hangs up and throws his cellphone away with his face hidden from the camera. The Blizzards play against the Shuttles and win. Epidode attempts the Devil Backfire but failes and makes a nasty fall losing consciousness. Game 2 of the Death Game.


Eyeshield 21 Episode

The timer becomes zero and Deimon loses. In the end, he promises to rejoin once his father recovers. The series concludes with Sena becoming the captain of the Devil Bats after Hiruma and Kurita leave school to attend college.

Sena Kobayakawa Eyeshiekd Hiruma.

Eyeshield 21 episode 146

The game against the Wild Gunmen begins. When told to give Monta the ball, Sena throws the football, but it slips from his hand.

They are now ready to play American Football. Are There Any Losers. First Love Limited Eyeshkeld Dance. Eyeshield 21 does not want to play inxo longer after suffering from Shin’s Spear Tackle. Suzuna asks him if this is his goal, to which Sena replies “No, I want to go to the Christmas Bowl, so we will win, I promise! Netto no Hundred Game!

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Hiruma, Monta, Sena and Taki gather in a tight midfield huddle and then break out of the huddle in different directions, confusing the White Knights and Takami. Retrieved Dyeshield 14, The Devil Bats are resting at the Wild Gunmen ranch. The regional champions go to a place where they decide which regional teams will play against who for the Christmas Bowl.

Deimon makes a safety, making the score and getting the ball back.

Retrieved September 16, In the meantime, Unsui notices that Agon has acknowledged Sena as a rival, and thinks that it is great. With four minutes left in the game, the score isBando to Deimon. Vs The Top Player.

The Light of a Dream. Score isOjo to Deimon. Gotham Knight animated sequence Blame! Touchdowns are worth 2 points now and kicks are worth one. The Ones With Blind Faith. Using Ballista, Shin runs in the opposite direction then breaks through the line this include Kurita. An interview with Hiruma and Agon. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved October 10, Knowing that he will have to run the whole Death March again if he loses it, he runs after them, and gets separated from the rest of the team.


Sena, Monta, and Suzuna visit Mizumachi in the hospital. The Sphinx declare that they too will forego going to the Kanto Tournament if they lose to Deimon; however, the game ends in a tie after Jumonji makes a last-minute comeback, completing Deimon’s line and opening up a hole for Sena to score a touchdown.

kndo Meanwhile, Musashi watches the game from his father’s hospital room. Eyeshield 21 enters the Chameleons’ locker room and cuts up all their uniforms in the middle of the night.

The episode starts off with Ojo throwing a long pass. When dinner time comes, it turns out someone has eaten their dinner.

Eyeshield 21

Jumounji, going to the bathroom because he feels airsick, brings the stuffed toy back to Cerberus’ seat when episodd returns. It hits the goal and goes in. Knowing he cannot make it if he looks back at the ball, Monta jumps up without looking.