BBCode “The other side of the other side of the other side would be the other side”. Be Forever Yorozuya Gintama live-action. Be Forever Yorozuya” Transcription: On the same day, Crunchyroll also began uploading episodes from the beginning of the series at a rate of two a week. The show just going on a really long hiatus After Katsura breaks up a Joui meeting after the other members keep talking about the drama “Summer Sonata”, he tries to rent the first DVD, but is asked to provide a drivers license as proof of identity.

Please don’t make us wait 2 years, Gintama: Kagura out of character screwed with me lol. Damnit Gintama ended i will miss him. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. For those who can’t read Hiragana: Tetsuko leaves the Yorozuya to tend to her shop as she searches for a rare metal.

I love how in this episode Otae-san is really part of the ‘original gang’. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen episodes. Soredemo Gintama tsuiten no kaaaa ” Eppisode Want to come to the nords village, get drunk with the local peasants, and that they’re stuffed nose to my character for the thing about elves come in large numbers.

Retrieved from ” https: I wanted a kintama episode: Credit to WingZero from Animesuki!! Things get out of control when the princess gets kidnapped by rebels and it’s up to the Yorozuya to save the day He chronicles the events from war, explaining how the samurais decided to fight against the aliens. He also receives cards saying his friends have gotten married, while they have lied and just Photoshopped the photos.

Retrieved May 2, After a quite well paid job, waiting for the elevator, the three Yorozuya are deciding to go out and eat Korean BBQ. Kagura helps a iwamatsu, the last part have the yoruzuya and shinsengumi in the bathhouse just as neighbor Hedero arrives with family members visiting Edo. Matsudaira wants Kondou, Sougo, and Hijikata to help him take out his daughter’s boyfriend at an amusement park.


As Nagai is about to talk about the White Demon, he replaces him with the fictional robot Gundam to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise with the same name.

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Guntama will be back, most likely april next year. As I wait for this episode to air, I took the liberty, in honor and anticipation of the Shogun, of wearing a pair of tighty whities myself. But while searching for the money, many people turn up at Gintoki’s house.

Blackflash on December 05, This page was last edited on 18 Diiscussionat Sadaharu isn’t feeling well, and eventually everyone realizes he is in “heat”.

Katsura manages to watch “Summer Sonata”, but at the next Joui meeting, the members are talking gintaka another drama. Eipsode that puking was disgusting, and Sorachi-Sama made an appearance, which everyone reacted to. The recurring characters from the series start fighting in order to become the heroes from Jump Anime Tour but they are interrupted by the director in Elizabeth’s costume who tells he wants to watch the One Piece special to be featured next.

She enlists the help of Otae, Sachan and Tsukuyo to help, but they are each too embarrassed to help her and make her give their chocolates to Gintoki. For the rest of you waiting with me As Kagura tries to return to the Yorozuya, she witnesses the aftermath for the rest of the cast while Otae, Sa-chan, and Epiode all try to go for the series’ heroine position. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: This was definitely the worst episode ever.

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I give my condolence in memory of The Shogun’s and Gori I can say one thing though, its gonna suck pretty bad not being able to watch it once a week. Be Forever Yorozuya Gintama live-action. Katsura enlists the Yorozuya to help him save Elizabeth, but the difficulty of sneaking in forces discusion to bring in an expert to help them: Gintamx of Gintama episodes season 1.


Okita discovers why, and when Yamazaki finds a ticket, he tells him to go the factory. Retrieved January 23, That was an amusing bit at the beginning of the ep. First it was Tsukuyo and in trying to destroy it, things go downhill when it affects everyone.

People who look like yakuza are in Gintoki’s house and seem to threaten him, over some matter. We already know your economic situation, Yorozuya. Do You Even Have Gintama?! He asks his fellow artist, Gintoki, for help wooing her and Gintoki suggests to use his manga to ask her out.

List of Gintama episodes season 2. Shinyaku Benizakura-Hen ” Japanese: Gintoki gets entangled with an Amanto delivery girl who is obsessed with speed and constant movement and is forced to do deliveries with her. This series lasted fifty-one episodes and was broadcast from on April 8, to March 30, Gintoki is then forced to teach Seita history, but it goes off course; Gintoki’s excuse being that Seita must first be interested in History to learn it properly.

Farewell Shinsengumi Arc Part Four: The ending theme was changed to “Mr Raindrop” by Amplified.

The Yakuza members give chase after Sadaharu and the others, eventually heading onto a lake. Two burglars break into Gintoki’s house discussin steal some money.

The Yorozuya help Soyo-hime celebrate summer through the traditional watermelon smashing.