Joon Hyuk stands up — he knows exactly who has those final shares, and invites the person inside in the room. He goes undercover as a gangster to try to infiltrate the family, get the evidence he needs and bring the criminals to justice. This drama was no doubt far from perfect, but it certainly had the best actors for the job. She heard about Tae Sung disrobing and asking to be tried for the crimes, but never heard the outcome. The attorney calculates their shares too, and comes to a tie: Your recaps help fill in the missing spaces.

Joon Hyuk, Tam Hee, and the shareholders on their side of the room all raise their hands, and the attorney calculates up their shares. He didnt expect to fall for her and traditionally Koreans frown on such relationship even though they are not blood related that was why he was very secretive whenever SR appears when he skypes her. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Now you come and save the day, Mama!? Anyway, the plot sounds interesting as of now.. Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast. And Uncle Hello Kitty was the best!

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The zippy pace of the drama helped, and while it parf slow down when it had to to set up future plot points, it never felt like the series was losing steam. Thank you so much for Recapping, it was a really fun drama. He thanks his father for actively searching for him, even though he was sick, and promises to visit every so often.

TS asked JH to become the hotel President and cheekily reminded him he’d be away for his honeymoon and JH gave a resigned look and he is accountable for its management.

Anyway, the plot sounds interesting as of now. After the trial, Sora and the uncles thank Joon Hyuk from the bottom of their hearts, and Joong Shik comes running with white tofu for her to eat after getting out of jail. Ha — not so fast. The Busan dialect and amusing dialogue had the actors unable to contain their laughter.


However, I’m still puzzled on the JH and Sora relationship, patt they sister and brother with the same biological mom? What’s the next one? The Defense Attorney — enlisted by Joon Hyuk — interrupts.

She gets a call from Tae Sung — he wants to see her now. Tae Sung wants the hotel matter resolved immediately. What I didn’t get was why JoonHyuk liked Sora when he knew she was his half-sister?? Tam Hee sputters angrily that Joon Hyuk should never have brought her here, even though Young Sook is a shareholder.

When Tam Hee calms down a bit, Joon Hyuk breaks the news not-so-gently: Back in the hotel, it seems Soon Shin has resumed his duties there as part of the housekeeping service.

Hope they do an OST track together. No, it wasn’t perfect where did the suub go?! Joon Hyuk stands up — he knows exactly who has those final shares, and invites the person inside in the room.

I find that I haeunddae all the dramas u take for recapping. But once he regained his memories, he was afraid of the consequences and signed a statement that said he did everything while mentally incapacitated.

The writer wrote up good cheese. Posted July 20, Therefore, with no witnesses other than Sora and himself, he wants to be put on trial for the crime of forgery.

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Posted July 17, Mom could have stayed a ghost in the past, did not feel she added too much to it. Love Haeundae style and thanks that it’s not Gangnam style haha. She was really grateful that he was there for her. The following morning, Tae Sung has breakfast at the hotel restaurant, and is joined by an unexpected guest: Thank you Kaedejun for recapping this series!


Tae Sung accepts that this is how Se Na will preserve her pride. And before I knew it, here we are, at the end.

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Posted June 29, Either way, kind of weird. Kim Kang Woo Main Cast. When they all board the bus, Uncle Hello Kitty offers a seat for Joo Hee next to him, but Dong Baek pulls her into the seat next to him. It was so silly and dorky and heartwarming. And I really wanted to watch our sexy male leads!

Sign In Sign Up. I still confused on how Taesung was such an idiot when he did the undercover investigating Sora as some gangster girfriend.

Jo Yeo Jeong Main Cast. Although she did return for SeeYa’s final song release so maybe it is patched up a bit, dunno.

She was afraid she might not be able to handle Joong Shik and the lovrs, and so she left to pursue her dreams. We are already anticipating her appearance as an actress.

Who told her son to sell off her shares and go to Antarctica to build a hotel!? They all had this camaraderie that was palpable onscreen, whether they were playing rivals or friends. Poor Joon Hyuk, he looks so constipated at the thought that his first task is to deal povers the most annoying woman in the world. I really enjoyed the show, until the end, the story was interesting and fun to watch! Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.