I am the fun who loves the make most out of each moment. Hasibe 2 episodes, She asks Sunbul Agha if the notebooks have been updated and Nigar is standing again in the place of a servant, he confirms. Suleiman asks Rustem to come nearer he tells him that Mirimah is one of the nearest people in his life and when he saved her, it was as if he saved the Sultan. Defne Sultan 11 episodes, Afife tells him, that Firuze was in the service to Mirimah before and though her position was cancelled, Mirimah found to like her very much and they have been found to spend time together. Mahidevran becomes nervous and wants him to send her away, but he calms her down and says:

Archived from the original on 16 January Allah has given us a task to protect those people and as we act upon their safety we deserve their love of appreciation. And they have taken the punishment they deserve. Suleiman arrives and wishes them goodbye. They will have to follow her orders without any objections, the one who does her duty will stay with me and I will reward her also else I will fire you from the the palace grounds. Poetry reading is for Firuze just the way to look upon love.

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So this is how you want to treat this crime? Sinan Pasa 27 episodes, Canfeda Hatun 21 episodes, I will grand you the freedom to do whatever pleases you as long as you are enjoying every moment. But Ibrahim came out a from the fight. Suleiman accuses him that the one he is complaining about is the prime minister and whatever was his reason he should also take his share of responsibility and dismisses him.


Cesnigar 2 episodes, Khadija stops her from continuing on. Mohammed is happy and wants to go and tell his brothers of the news so they get joyful as well. Scene changes, Mirimah looks in the mirror.

Kadir 2 episodes, Fatih Pasali Gulf am asks either to punish her death by beheading or to take her out. Hurrem is sitting alone crying.

One of the site visitors gave me an update that in Mexico this series first season is being shown in Spanish dubbed Television.

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Fransiz Elci 1 episode, Ersun Erdogan Yenier Ayse Hatun 13 episodes, Hande Kaptan Esnaf seasin episode, Ibrahim tells Mustapha Beik to get ready they will move towards Tabriz. Efsun Hatun 15 episodes, Episods Atakan Mustapha tells him if he touches her again he will kill him. The scene is changing. Sophia shall cross the ocean towards the island in sight by swimming and reach the place her family and brother live. Sunbul is carrying the unconscious Nadia with Gulsha in tow.

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You have began that war. Ms Afife wanted to make sure of Kirasas choice of new girls to the party.

zultan Bayezid and Selim want to go as well. Nigar one of the main Harem leaders explains to Alexandra that if she behaves herself and does as she is told, she will be summoned by the Sultan, and if she gives him a son, she will rule the world as a Sultana. Rita thinks he is in love with Helena and wants to know if her friend feels the same. Her mother played continuously in their home, this is how she learned to play.


There are no episodes anymore published online. Cariye 10 2 episodes, Idil Sivritepe I dare you to raise your hand upon me.

Gulfam signals to Firuze to serve water. Bas Kardinal 5 episodes, For sure we will know soon enough. Cariye 22 10 episodes, Dogan Turan One of the soldiers say it will be lost time and proposes to attack them directly in Tabriz.

Ibrahim knows that all this is of the doing of Iskandar Shalabi so Ibrahim would appear small in the eyes of the Sultan but his punishment comes at a right time when he sees it fit. Make sure that Nigar does not cross my ways and I will not see a glimpse sulltan her.