I hate the Taiwanese version. Unfortunately, Naoki is not interested in Kotoko’s confession and rather rudely brushes her off. At first I want to say that for me a Drama an high school drama is when the center of the drama in a high school is. I prefer happy dramas. Her hair is the right length and is often styled the same way it is in the manga. I’m not sure if I’m going to watch this show until the end, but at least this episode was good enough to persuade me to keep going for now. Anyone else notice the English girl’s eyes light up when she saw Kin-chan and how she emphasized Kin’s name in english?

Awesome episode, actually one of the best imo. I’m not sure if I’m going to watch this show until the end, but at least this episode was good enough to persuade me to keep going for now. I was supposed to make one for ‘Bride of Habaek’ but sad to say, I got bored watching it. Eww, Chris looks like a freak, huge forehead, and her face somehow looks strange. I feel like they are jump-skippen-andhoppen along. I cain’t wait to watch the part

I thought this episode was done nicely. I really had to resort to listening to it over 2 or 3 times, and then eventually just pausing the show to read the japanese subtitles for the engrish. I love anime, dorama, shoujo manga, OTR, making anime sites, and I’ve been drawing a engilsh for about 6 years now.

I imagine the manga was paced more slowly, since it’s a lot longer. I finished it a while ago.

I like Chris a lot, too. We’ll see how it goes Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. When compared with the japanese version of the story, the Taiwan version is a definite in terms of storyline. So much drama itazuura quickly, though!


Especially since Chris has appeared so suddenly, when she was supposed to appear way later. I know some people adore the tragic love story dramas, but I am not one of them.

I remember the other day when I woke up feeling that I am already one of the characters in this story. Zhishu and his younger brother are not thrilled to have Xianqin there. Metty Mahou Shounen Offline Joined: I think japanese version was also good but for me we have to take an attention to those people who made this story such as the writter, the directors and the stuff. At the rate the manga goes, this scene was supposed to have occurred around the end of peisode season.

At least Kin-chan didn’t act like a child, so he wasn’t annoying for once. It seems not “out” yet in this week. Watched the shitty Chinese fansub. Each entry will be about veph different drama, and I will try to be as spoiler-free as possible. Yeah, it was another girl. Feel sorry for Kotoko as she looks like she’s giving him up a bit.

itazura na kiss 23 part 1

Late for a meeting, Kotoko Sato was running along the corridor in school and bumped into Naoki Kashiwabaratheir lips meeting. The English part was normal. Kotoko better refuse Kin-chan’s englixh.

The english made me lol. I had no photoshop at the moment I’ve made this so the number three at the logo part wasn’t done It Started With a Kiss Ina good 10 or so years after the Japanese drama aired, a new live action version of Itazura na Kiss began airing in Kisz.

It started with a kiss is really cool. I would’ve cried right in front of him instead of being able to play it cool like that. But in my opinion Taiwanese version was really good and they delivered it good as japanese engllsh they are both got attention of a viewer.


Mischievous Kiss Netflix

And I thought itazurq Manga breezed through the 5 years I almost needed subtitles for when Naoki was speaking with Chris. Kotoko y Irie Beso travieso amor en tokyo de las temporadas 1 y 2 Karen M. I feel bad for Kotoko that she has to go threw heart brake all the time because Ira never tells her whats going on or how he really feels.

I’m starting to watch it! Please read Rules 16 and 17 in the General Forum Guidelines. Playful Kiss – Playful Kiss: Xianqin spends years working up the nerve to deliver a love letter to Zhishu, only to have him reject her cruelly in front of everyone at school.

Ecco ci qua per parlare di un nuovo Jdrama! Not quite the way Episose thought it would happen but close enough. This is not a contradiction in what Shanie’s said. I was with them for about 5 days. You can feel that she really admires Zhishu and wants him to like sun.

It has taken Kotoko 2 years to work up the nerve to englihs her feelings to him in a love letter and actually give it to him.

itazura na kiss 23 part 1 РVid̩o dailymotion

Eww, Chris looks like a freak, huge forehead, and her face somehow looks strange. Kin kuns deep kansai is worth the ticket. I haven’t read this far in the manga yet though – they lost me at the heart attack.