Bablu chopped his tongue to get his wish fulfilled. Ronney Gracious had lost everything in his business which had disturbed his personal life too. In the second part of the show Irrfan Khan narrates the history of Himalayas and the research conducted. Amol sees that Neha is dead. Only the date of birth and thumb impression is required for Naadi Shastra. Kamini meets Gopal Katik when he is suffering from financial crisis, with her help and advises he gains good financial position.

Bawri fell in love with Surya. Setu connecting India and Sri Lanka prove the events of Ramayana. Chowdeshwari temple is located in a small village called Dasarighatta, where it is believed that various mysteries of life are solved. Varsha has a vision on her thumb-nail about her dance teacher’s death. Queen Ketevan was kept in prison for 10 long years by King Shah Abbas. Finally, he alerts her to be careful, but in vain. The wild animals never harm him and understand his language of love. Mishal Raheja topic Mishal Raheja is an Indian television actor.

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He predicts the future and past incidents through the glass water techniques. Member feedback about SingStar PlayStation 3: Payal suspects Alok having an affair with the girl.

But later with the help of priest he takes redemption from ‘Karna Peshachani’ kamini, but loses all assets and lives a simple life. Roopa Patel discusses the accuracy of tarot card reading. Maano as a normal fearless human being catches poisonous snakes. Ha shares his past experiences.


Mano Ya Na Mano (2006 TV series)

Member feedback about Melodisc Records: Maria and Rahul got separated due to few misunderstandings for which Maria seeks Naadi Shastra’s help and is now happy in her life. Navalgani, Arabian Coffee Cup Reader talks about the method.

Devotees share their experience. Existence of Yeti is still a mystery. Kanhaiya’s parents try to treat him under an exorcist, but in vain. On Madhu’s engagement the monkey man attacks her. Irrfan Khan narrates Baldev Sharma’s story. Ananda blessed Appa and brought him back to life.

Manoj’s uncle persuades Manoj’s mother to perform a ritual in order to destroy the evil bhangaarh. A judge believed in tarot card prediction and experienced its accuracy at the time of his operation. The game will also allow users to fade out the vocal track once it detects the user singing, and return it if the user stops.

Balaji Telefilms is an Indian company which produces Indian soap bhagarh, reality TV, comedy, game shows, entertainment and factual programming ba several Indian languages. Actor Shekhar Suman and actress Muskaan Mihani shared their dreams. Amol’s efforts to seek help goes in vain.

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epsiode Chowdeshwari Devi answers her devotees’ queries by writing on rice flour. Indra then met Poonam Singh, a crystal healer who cures her patients with crystal stone and Reiki.


Brij practices prediction by fire techniques. Few years later she saw her dead father feeding her son. Bhaskar who first denied marrying Sundara, later agreed and helped Appa build a temple for the Bhootas. Siddharth Kak visits him and meets Eutiquio Catawtan, a patient who has been healed by the psychic surgeon without applying any surgical instruments and taken out negative energies from the body.

He advises people to take the help of sun therapy to cure diseases.

Nisha advise her to meet numerologist Neeraj Mancchanda which changed her life. At the NHK Trophy, they became the first ice dancing team to earn level fours on all their elements. Due to a tragic incident in his business, he goes through hard times. The following is a list of notable people who compose or have composed soundtrack music for films i.

The researchers suspect Dr. Rudraksh visits the hospital and Mr Desai tells him to better stay away.

Radha is haunted by a women spirit, when priest try to help Radha she at first denies but later approaches him and with his help the spirit is given salvation.