This page was last edited on 11 November , at Or does it not matter at all? Decreases MP cost for dark spells. Luminous is the second Magician Hero and the final addition in Legendary Hero class introduced in the second part of the Tempest Update. His trusted and see-thru helper, Vieren, and the first person he met after fighting the Black Mage, Laina. Armageddon Boost Final Damage: Abyssal Drop Active [Dark Magic] Drops a condensed orb of darkness on multiple enemies in front of you.

Tips on how to complete this quest. Shadow Shell MAX 9. Equilibrium enables you to use Light Speed twice in midair, vertically and horizontally. If the magic circle attacks enemies using Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. Unable to save thumbnail to destination. Also, right before you actually change modes, your character will go into an Equilibrium state, a few skills will have their cooldowns removed and has extra power added, this lasts 10 seconds 15 seconds in 4th job. Talk to Second Light Master by clicking on the light-bulb.

Check this Hyper Stats Guide for more details! Luminous is a classes as a Magician.

Fastest way I build damage is to get as many link skill character pointing to your main. As usual, start by having 2 primary skills unlocked, Reflection [Light Magic] and Apocalypse [Dark Magic] and 1 ultimate equilibrium skill, Ender.


But these all doesnt mean much as he still capable of maplestoyr, juz slower. Other than that… No noticeable difference whatsoever.

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Flash Shower Boost Final Damage: Magic Mastery MAX 4. Then do arcane pitch. Is it a separate patch from MapleStory Season 2?

After the animation video ends, a last quote of the Black Mage appears on the screen saying: Since this quest is Level 70, fight monsters within those levels. Pls get back to me as soon as possible on this. For me, its either Kaiser or Luminoua Slayer.

MapleStory Luminous Skill Build Guide

Can stack up to 15 times. Ignore abnormal status 3 times. Black Blessing Passive A dark orb forms when you evade attacks for a short time in stoyline.

Instead of only replying the latest reply you see, because that makes it hard to reach you. I would like to inform u that in SEA,light path does not have abyssal drop which in replacement,the flash shower is max lvl Magnus absorbs the power Guwar, probably to become stronger. I accidentally didnt put any points into shadow shell.


Complete each Luminous quest to unlock the next quest.

Hi HolyLight, you should make Luminous! Luminous asks what happened to Mercedes. If you have many normal adventurer card mageyou should use all. Also permanently increases Movement Speed and Jump.

Cooldown is not applied. This applies for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Job.

For 64 sec, chance to Increase Damage with each hit: The chain quest started when you reach lv Death Scythe Active [Equilibrium] A scythe-toting reaper comes down to destroy enemies.

Your help would be really appreciated, nice article btw! After waking up a few centuries later, Luminous meets a little girl, Lania, who tells him he is near Ellinia. Dear Ayumi, I am from msea and i got messed up. Lania is trapped in the darkness. Should I use my Magic Mastery 30?

I have been following some of your guides recently.