Everyone is, understandably completely shocked. Deyvani asks him why she would want to protect him. And if so, how will her sacrificing her life for him impact Gaurav and Karan’s relationship? This storyline raises some important issues. He is upset about how Vidya was treated, but he’s sure Gaurav will fix the situation. However, the character of Devasena was not changed in order to avoid the backlash. Don’t try to become my co-wife.

Gaurav overhears this and tells Adi that Cheenu isn’t going anywhere and that he wanted him to get close to Vidya. She asks her what she thinks she’s doing and Uttara replies “Keeping the fast for my husband”. SJ tells her that no matter how well she thinks she knows her husband, he trusts his instincts. At the end, Uttara decides to give birth to Brahma’s child and names him Shravan. Cheenu is consoling Vidya while Priya looks on, clearly suspicious of their relationship. Bauji overhears her saying this and gives her a piece of his mind. Brahma , Deyvani , infidelity , Uttara.

Although she has brought a lot of this on herself, and nothing justifies sleeping with her sister’s husband, what Brahma did today was really humiliating. Devyani begs him not to do that and says that she will talk to episoddes sister. I’m getting the feeling that this is going to be the beginning of a new chapter in Gaurav and Vidya’s relationship.

She says that he should be the one to tell them because he is the one who wants to divorce her and get remarried.

Episode #1.25

Later at night, Adi and Priya can’t sleep because they are worried about what Cheenu told them. Posted by Kabir at 5: Her dad is shocked that even after all that has happened, Vidya is defending Gaurav. Thursday, September kah, Devyani Confronts Uttara. I wonder if she’s going to go after Gaurav or try to do something to Adi?


Maryada, Lekin Kab Tak on Star Plus to go off air

Later, Gaurav talks to Vidya and tells her that she shouldn’t fast on K arva Chauth a Hindu ritual in which women fast throughout the day for their husband’s long life. Let’s see what’s in store! It’s not really any of his business what is going on between Gaurav, Vidya and Cheenu.

She convinces Aditya that he should talk to the family about arranging lawt second marriage for Uttara.

Gaurav tries to talk to her but she won’t listen to him. Sky TV and Discovery ink exclusive long-term deal. Star India has much to cheer at Golden Globes.

SJ found out that Varma was sent by Brahma and that Varma was the one who had threatened all the other lawyers in the town into refusing to take Devyani’s case. Brahma lasy what Karan was doing there and Gaurav said that it is Karan that he loves. I am not a piece of luggage to be moved from here to there. I admire your desire to stick strictly to the 5 Ks, but lemme give you some personal advice from one trans Sikh to another: The plot gets another twist as Uttara is pregnant with Brahma’s child.

If Gaurav and Vidya are supposed to end up together, than Gaurav and Karan’s breakup has to be final. The way he kept touching her face was so tender and showed how much he cares for her and how relieved he was that she’ll be Ok.

He told Vidya that he had ruined two lives hers and Karan’s and he didn’t deserve to live. It is set in Haryana, a state in northwestern India, which is one of the most conservative in the country. It is funny though how clueless Priya and Adi are. Episodew one can see Uttara being victimized, I feel that it is going to be very difficult to bring her character back into the viewers’ good graces.


He asks his dad what Gaurav could possibly have done that made him deserving of death and tells him that he used to think that Gaurav was responsible for the ill will between him and his dad but know he thinks it was mostly dad’s fault. Dakssh’s Gaurav’s acting was amazing today.

Slowly they both realized that they love each other. I’m sure Vidya will be very angry about the plot and will tell Cheenu that she can’t love him and that she won’t leave Gaurav. Maryaada, Lekin Kab Takloosely inspired from the Desperate Housewives is a bold family drama about the lives of four women of the Jhaakar family and the darker realities of their life. This storyline raises some important issues.

Today on “Maryada”:

Everyone is, understandably completely shocked. Vidya cannot bear Gaurav’s pain at being apart from Karan so when she overhears him telling a client to meet him at the Garden Cafe at 1: Priya tka him to do no such thing. It is a tough for me because I used to think I had two left feet till I started exploring those dance steps. Kapil Sharma reacts after fans urged Salman Khan to act against him.

Finally, Vidya finds out about Cheenu’s feelings for her and Gaurav’s plan to give her happiness by setting her up maryada Cheenu. Teen Thay Bhai Movie Review.