I just cant hazam the smirk.. But will MJ too deceive him? In terms of acting, Sania and Sarmad are just too good together, and their brief scene together was the highlight of the episode for me. Have you seen SeZ? He definitely knew that MJ was pretending to be sick. And thankufully it was just 13 episodes drama, which i could easily finished watching in 2 days lol..

If you have a firm belief on your passion; nothing can take it away from you. Have you seen SeZ? To make this dhamaka announcement and get Q to inherit everything. MJ wants to get away from W….. I thought you always were uncomfortable with W and MJ being together…. Yes feet could show intimacy but i think there was a story being told there..

Old dramas were such a beauty…so simple and close to reality! LOL, Salima ki asst tau us bhi do haath aagey hai!! I think MJ has approached BS again abt letting W and N live their lives and letting her be on her 21 … dekhte hain kiya hota hai.

Interesting theory and entirely possible! Was this the farmhouse that Baray Sahab had gifted Neelam?

Why does FK do this? Afterall these feudals do have egos bigger than their jagirs. It was such a beautifully shot scene, if only we could understannd the lines too. Please enter your Password for confirmation.

Or was it a Nikaah kept under the wraps. Personally, I dont see MJ as a villain, and dont see any heroes or heroines. At least the story moved forward in the sense that one greatly vexatious issue of who Qasim is, was laid to rest!!!

BS along with his theories Person I like: I had posted a collage of the various actresses wearing that gown in one of my ZGH reviews … and the jewellery from AA was repeated again in KPKP … kiya kiya jaye in ka. To me all this is a bit too much nauseating, if this is supposed to be the story. I mean she looks old now and WEL is from so about 9 years later. Even if MJ had left the hairclip in the room deliberately she did not commit a crime, and her wanting to be with her son is also okay.


What was the point of repeating it? And finished watching it all in three days.

MJ and Wali together at the end!! The first half of the play the director managed to get all our mwre for MJ now for the rest of the play he will morph MJ into a villain out for blood and revenge. Budhde lagte hain bilkul… I too loved WeL. In terms of writing this was a very good episode, but the onscreen narration is really faltering. Hannah — I think fpisode pretty much ruined it for everyone!

Numm ~ Episode 12 ~ Review – Desi Rants N Raves

Learn how your comment data is processed. Neelum, her sister and mother actually are from Mars and it episoce be revealed only in final episode. That said, I do not see a happy end for this story no matter who ends up with whom Like Like. Every week there is a new opening.

The Numm team really needs to get there act together…. Video contains spam Video has disturbing content. As I said she needs to watch a few more to become bit more humrhi I felt the same in some parts of Humsafar too and kept blaming the audio levels of my laptop, damning the manufacturer too.

Mere Humrahi, Episode 21, 21st October Love is a strong emotion that creates a world of happiness for both people involved. And Wow i never knew MH was meer that. I think a lot of ppl were in love with the idea of this drama and looked past the actual story to create a story in their own head.

Mere Humrahi By Ary Digital Episode 12 – 28th October x – video dailymotion

Last 7 days Last 7 days Last 30 days Last Year. Promk fav pair was of HS-AK. Sorry I am using this silly play to bring out my feminism and social mede to women. Now waiting for the next episode and looking to chew this one completely with the help of all our friends here…. All this is real bad taste. Sz oh sorry i meant the reply button on ur comment abt SeZ above has missing. For Bollywood Sad Songs: He definitely knew that MJ was pretending to be sick.


A good wife is one who serves her husband in the morning like a mother does, loves him in the day like a ppromo does and pleases him like a prostitute in the night -Chanakya SK I want MJ as hkmrahi proper wife to Wali because it will then bring this story to a meaningful conclusion for Vani is a ill practice, it is illegal too I understand but still being practiced so it is time an educated person like Wali merr the pay how to respect such women….

Up till now we were all theorizing that W will free her and so and so… I liked this twist better that she will free herself from this ridiculous bond.

Mj told Alamgir ke bhai knows i assume here abt the pregnancy. Caribbean Vibrations episode CaribVision Year ago. Report Detail Video dpisode prohibited content. In true Numm fashion even as this latest installment answered some long-standing questions, revealed new sides to characters we thought we knew pretty well, it also introduced a whole set of new questions.

Like previous episodes, there were some really good moments.

Mere Humrahi, Episode 12, 12th October 2014

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Rather than all the long scenes, why did we not see them moving or talking about the move? Uptil now there has been no twist whatsoever. Rehmat totally agree those guys really needs to start acting their age… too ajeeb.