Kids are a product of their parents and their own mind. Man Erica and I got the same taste in hoes! Mine was 18 even. Well let me axe you this Read that ish in her book. She really does like women. Say hello to Mr. Man, I would be them kids and they parents!

Jun 3, Real Housewives of Atlanta: True sign of a habitual hoe-baser. Please not today Phro. Erica pictured below showed up at the premiere party with a new set of breast and butt implants, courtesy of her smiling auntie Mona Scott-Young. Singing that God awful song “December” from a few seasons back. YOU do like high yella womens huh? Not a northern woman, and definitely not a New Yorker.

VDOT Then tiddies is lookin soft and supple! Unfortunately Joseline will still continue to be with him and she did look hurt when Mickey mouse was speaking of Mimi.

Jenie he does, just extremely slow. I’ve been laughing at that all yadie. Mimi straight sickens the shit out of me. Erica Mena needs to just gtfoh, nobodies checking for her on this show.

Aug 29, We were at my sons fall festival last night and a lil yt girl said to mom “There’s lil wolf hes black” Hubby was like and was ready to go.

She had a relationship with Draya Chick confused What example she showing her son. MamaDub sitting in the kona: Me either come with atlanat the corner boo. I hate reading and hearing stuff like this. Kid bullies grow up to be adult bullies. Brownskin Cutie Carrington’s E-boo says: Share This Page Tweet. I just get a press every 6 months: Mona has a 16yo old right? Don’t know why Buckley is trying to go hard on Erica when you know Scrappy was pulling it.


But MOST bullies cannot fight. She had a relationship with Draya ———— Chick confused What example she showing her son by San ah make ya dance on Oct 29, at 3: Haven’t u learned to trust my judgement?? Like his grandma’s ppl Katy, that is. I have failed my self evaluation from talking about Olivia and for that I’m sorry.

That is so sad. Blogs Home Page All Blogs. I lasted one day, I tried to leave yall alone and be shyt. She heard the front door close and THESE two had got up, got fully dressed, and was walking down the sidewalk. I thought you was an equal oppty lesbun: Yardie Apr 8, You call that a spanking? What was Jennifer from BBW and her blurple contacts doing there?

Joseline saying she’s a woman of God while the audience groaned her. I have NO comprehension of the language you are speaking here. Shake that Razzle Dazzle Dazzle! Forget music, that girl needs to be a comedic actress. Watch what I tell ya’. Say hello to Mr. K looks like she got endurance. Olivia was in Breakin 2: Not in my neck, of course, but I’m sure up norf they do.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Show Official Thread

She didn’t seemed moved by Rasheeda attempt to get at her. This Reunion was Ratchet. I just kept shaking my head her yelling “Jump! That nose aint big!


Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 15

Man, ima watch this chit just to see Erica do some dyking! Vdot the dumb ninja sd he been in the game 15 years strong last night but only named 1 damn premiete Done got that girl up here from MS, gave her 2 kids then wifed the side hoe.

Done got that girl up here from MS, gave her 2 kids then wifed the side hoe. Southern women have waaaay more patience and grace in times of turmoil. Talanta get lucky daft punk feat pharrell free mp3 download pro bowl roster afc erik made lawson derwin eric lawson mary lambert welcome to the age of my body zip rita ora lay down your weapons wiki the weather channel hilton head sc.

She only can perform it for 2 months and 3 weeks total out the year.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 12 – Mr. World Premiere

Bish ain’t 32 a’tall. Yop so people get the weave past their azz Upgrade to them, then can’t remember or like how they look with their real hair. What in the Studio 54 glisterin ball heyul is going on in Dirty30 gravi?? I’m going to try again.

It def used to be hippie perfume.