A really really hard episode to watch. The only thing that stopped him and his greed? I think it was the same rings he was about to give to Eungi before, no? But I also couldn’t help myself but grin for Jae’s situation in the shop I now I’m bad here, but it just felt so satisfying. Maru always witnessed the bad side of JH and the poor Eun Gi’s suffering. Who is hating on Jae Hee?

I guess Maru had never seen sacrifation that big for him before. She had her Barbie, now she has MR, just a different object. His horrified reaction Breaks. I think it was when Eun Gi came to him at that rainy night bare-feet, willing to let go off her status and wealth, just to be with him forget what episode. I of course was annoyed with Eun Gi not getting that Maru was kinda stabbed in front of her and the signs were like a bright light and that he again had to be the saviour of all, but I enjoyed how they did it. Cant wait for ep 18th recaps

His love is built by his conscience at first. Maru is supposed to be sacrifice personified in this drama.

I had hoped that Eun-ki could regain some of her lost traction by saving him from saving her, which would have done a nice job of subverting expectations. That means he start to love her when he said to EK “run away from me, u only gave one chance” thing. Can anyone tell me what Choco was singing on this ep?

Nice Guy: Episode 17 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

She didn’t have to say anything when she was stood up at her wedding. After that, love will start to grow because another reason like their personality, feeling the connection, etc. Joon-ha is still disturbed about not clearing up the conversation she overheard, but Eun-ki moves on, asking what his motivation was for pushing the wedding along.


She even brings up the murder from seven years ago, finally confessing as the killer and admitting that Maru took the blame. RealKDramaaddict December 13, at 1: Because each of them seem to be afraid of losing so they keep this statu quo but they don’t trust each other because they don’t speak their mind or their heart As she steps outside, her brow furrows at the sight of Min-young, waiting there for her.

And you cannot really say that it was sacrifice when Jae Hee simply did what she was supposed to do several years ago. Episode 4 by Regals. Choco sighs — her name is Jeon Ji-yeon, not Kang Choco.

Anne November 8, at 9: I think he was already in the process of falling in her before the car crash. Dranacrazy, time is moving forward again. He scoffs and leaves. I can feel her unbelieving disappointment and expect a Miss Havisham moment of some sort in the next episode.

Ah my nerves can barely handle the intensity of this episode but it was so GOOD!

Korean Drama Series: Innocent Man Episode 11 [English Subbed]

There are so many small details that you will catch on to that make this drama better the second time. I know it sounds wrong, but I loved how Eun-ki was going around making people squirm and testing them and sadly, finding out that everyone’s pretty much lying to her. I think she let the doctor professor take Maru abroad and continue with his studies there while she takes care of all the things back there Taesan, Joon Ha and her father’s murder case and also, I think Eun Sook too.


Joon Ha finally got outed. I felt nothing between MR and EK, cold, coldness, and icy cold. His hand has blood on it. I loved this drama from the beginning, and making it a happy ending made me love it even more!

At the time, I was exhausted by the world and by my lot in life.

Episode 18

What has she remembered, and what has she forgotten? I need some clarification on that front cause I is confused. Jae Shik’s “redemption” was eisode seemingly fitting. He sits awkwardly for a moment, before he passes over a ring box. EK’s mother left the house a few months after MR went to jail. Another thing, is that it was fastforwarded to the future, and I do draamcrazy, that diminishes the impact of the “sacrifice” in EK’s part.

He gasps for air as he remains sprawled on the ground.