After all, real life is more important. But the tone of the drama leads me to ready myself for redemption in death. Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn assure each other that they will watch out and stay put in their current positions. Why did you approach me? He starts breathing onto her hands to warm them, which we only see from behind. EG perceived MR actions toward her as honest and forthright from the beginning. His smile to EK means, he actually remember her.

Miss Koala, have you found video preview????? And it makes sense. The reaaaaaallly really love the ending. Now we’ll just have to wait for MY to snap out from his dream and see how everything comes full circle. I love the kiss but I also hate it at the same time too. I hated the conversation with MR and JH because I could feel her rejecting his version of what would have happened.

Rich old man named Mr.

That cracked me up. She never countered Maru’s poor analysis of what he has done. While I enjoyed reading everything you wrote, two lines put a huge smile on my face despite all the meloncholy I was processing from the story 1. Maru gets up and walks off, but he senses someone following him and turns around. And she said it herself this drama would be different from her previous ones.

Did you eat yet? Min-young is not happy about this, and lashes out at Secretary Jo. LKH rolls like that Bunde November 1, at 8: Joon Ha has put Eun Gi in bed and sits beside her watching her sleep. Thanks for filling in the blanks, and your thoughts about this episode. We stop to nics, we rewind to get more insight, we step back and connect more dots that were laid along the way.

I really love Jae Hee’s character. For a guy like that, he ought to be given a chance to koalasplaytround a decent life, with the woman he loves and who deserves and appreciates that love for a long, long, long time!

Jae Hee goes toe-to-toe with Maru, claiming that she feels honored he tried to take her down, and too bad its going to end so easily like this. He is my favorite 119 of the year. I crave so much for this drama! Love it, thank you Ms Koala! Secretary Hyun arrives and koalasplyground a letter on the table and tells Jae Shik to stop writing her love letters. Is it just me? Especially with that little Joon-ha encounter.


He seems to think that it’s gky responsibility to keep away from Eun Ki, but because he thinks he may not be able to and doesn’t want to, he makes sure that someone else will fulfill that role I know JH isn’t all that smart, but even I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten the hint that Maru just isn’t that into her anymore. Whether from Maru who truly loved her koalasplaygruond the chairman that fell for her tricks and not to mention lawyer Ahn who is obsessed about her.

Looking forward to read some more.

They should have a happy ending because they have go through many challenges before this. She knew from half way in what he was, yet she decided over and over to go to him.

Nice Guy Episode 12 Recap

He definitely wants Eun-ki to be happy, but seems a little fuzzy on how to actually make it happen for such a smart guy. Jae Shik just brushes it off as nothing and leaves without even eating dinner. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. Yes, what was the point of the stabbing?. Not all melodramas do, but this writer has a record of really, really tragic endings.

MR got the surgery done and lives happily with EG. It had that kind of same relaxed vibe about it. Those are purely speculations. For him, this really is their first kiss because he no longer has a hidden agenda, but this monumental occasion would hold more koalasplxyground for me if Eun-ki were standing on bice footing with him.

I think they koalaeplayground save the “brain surgery” thingy on the last episode. There is beauty in the pain is all I can say. If Maru have to die, then please release the bts of it, cause that way we will get to see the funny or the fact that he is still alive for that matter… And that is my wishful thinking.


Episode 6 by Helcat. Must have driven her crazy to know that she was chasing after a lowlife while her dad was gasping his last breath. Thanks for the recap, Koala! First time poster here. I think this is the best ending we could hope for. I think you are right to say we are not headed toward a happy ending for KM and EG. Thanks for another great recap!

Be selfish for once. Is he afraid of surgery?

Nice Guy Episode 18 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

But what about the one fatal flaw … that is Kang Maru … where is the ambit … where is that clearly defined line between … Love and Hatredembrace and rejection, trust and mistrusthonour and dishonour… You tell me … is this the proverbial. Its flaws are overcome by exquisite directing and excellent acting, and even the stretches in the script have built in room for the narrative to breathe and form into a cohesive structure.

But it has been the BEST angst i have had in years!!! Well that friend shouldn’t have planned to drink so much if he was going to drive and he was the one who made that decision, but I’m sure I would feel responsible and wished that I had said or done something. But often it keeps growing and therefore the condition gets worse the longer it is not treated.

They were koalasppayground gg on dates when koaasplayground gt to tense in the house, be it eungi and maru having a tough time or jae hee and jae shik dropping by. Maru voiceovers during this entire date — Dad, this woman one day came into my life and I hurt her with the cruelest words possible and pushed her away from me with all my strength. This show is really killing me.