Do not wear with any facial hair, such as beards, or any other facial features. Non-defective items may be returned in original condition within 30 days of receipt for a refund of the purchase price of the item s less shipping. Cartridges are at the end of their service life, cracked, damaged, or not properly seated. Insert filter into the retainer so that the side indicated is away from face. Inspect components and reassemble, or replace respirator if worn, damaged or deformed. This warranty is provided in addition to other rights and remedies you have under.

It is up to the employer, and not Moldex,. Exclusive over-molded lens offers greater field of vision. Lastly, in order for other models, such as. Leave contaminated area and replace filters, disks or cartridges, if they become. This form may be used to assist you in developing a change out schedule when using A or A cartridges for protection against organic vapours. Using a mathematical model.

You may submit details and proof of your. Before assembling cartridges, inspect the facepiece sealing surface to make sure. Moldex respirators in conjunction with a comprehensive respiratory protection pro. Stand-away head harness for easy donning and doffing. Do not exceed maximum use concentrations established by regulatory standards. MetroGate Silang Estates is a hectare Ecopolis, it is a self-sustaining, Eco-friendly township blessed with cool Tagaytay like climate.

Workers will appreciate the comfort and longer wearability and employers will benefit from increased user acceptance. The level of effectiveness of respiratory protection from tuberculosis cannot be determined with currently available data. A convenient ratchet fastening strap system and the standaway head harness make putting the mask on and taking it off quick and easy. En molddx se otorga Seriee. Some of the data you will need specific to the Moldex cartridges in order to use the models on these websites are: Proper use of this respirator may reduce but will not eliminate the risk of illness or death from exposure to some Chemical, Biological, Radiological, or Nuclear CBRN hazards.

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WARNING When cleaning or sanitizing a respirator that has accumulated hazardous contami- nants, the person doing the cleaning must wear the respiratory protection required to assure they will be protected from inhaling any hazardous contaminants on masks being cleaned.


Do not respieador, and return to your supervisor if: As fivelas ou placas com flanges estiverem ausentes, danificadas ou quebradas. For many deserving families in the North, this abundance of wide-open spaces affords freedom for bigger lot sizes and more spacious homes to complement their needs for growth.

Concentrations of contaminants which are unknown, or are immediately. This information is provided by the carrier and excludes weekends and holidays. This limited warranty is made in lieu sserie all other warranties, express or implied. Prior to and during use the user has the final responsibility to determine how tight the respirator should be and when it needs to be adjusted to always maintain a proper seal. Twisting may result in separation from the exhale assembly.

Any other plastic or rubber part is cracked, distorted, or damaged. To make a claim under the warranty, take the product with proof of purchase to the store where you purchased the product to moledx Moldex.

Para o uso adequado, consulte o seu supervisor ou ligue para. Do not remain in contaminated area if any physical distress occurs, for example breathing difficulty, dizziness or nausea. For easiest, most secure and best fit always adjust neck harness tabs first before tightening top harness tabs.

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Defective items may be returned within 7 days of receipt for respiraor replacement or full refund free of charge. Insert filter into the retainer so that. The vapours, gases, dusts, mists, fumes, and other contaminants which can be dangerous to your health include those which you cannot see, taste, or smell.

Government agency, is responsible for testing and. Available for protection of lens against scratching and overspray. Check to see that cartridge retainer gasket is in place and is clean and undamaged. La sua tecnologia con filtro pieghettato riduce significativamente la resistenza respiratoria, aumenta il comfort e riduce la fatica per chi lo utilizza.



All approved respirators shall be selected, fitted, used, and maintained in accordance with applicable regulations. Contaminants respiraeor on approval label, cartridges or filters and in accordance. Health Advisories or any other Local, State or Federal recommendations for use of.

This respirator should not be used for many CBRN hazards. Cover the exhalation valve vent and exhale gently to create a slight positive pressure.

Users must follow instructions each time respirator is worn. Join out team and let’s sell them all this ! Do not remove the mask from the face until you have left the contaminated area. With the god dammit small V6! Remova a copa nasal empurrando por cima dos dois pinos localizados dentro da. The exclusive over-molded lens design eliminates the usual heavy clamping frame to create an innovative full face with lighter weight, greater field of vision, fewer parts, minimal maintenance and completely free of metal parts.

Inspect your respirator before and after each wearing. P2 approval when used with Series half mask. Inspect and clean the piggyback adapter each time the filter disk is changed. Do not wear with any facial hair, such as beards, or any other facial features. Siga o programa estabelecido para a troca de cartuchos para garantir que os cartuchos sejam trocados antes do limite da data.

The user must first be trained by the employer in proper respirator use, in accordance with applicable safety and health standards, for the contaminant and exposure level in the assigned work area. Note that transit times may vary, particularly during peak periods.