You are commenting using your Twitter account. But not this one. It is not an obsession but merely stating what is obvious. Ron told Elena she will die if she drinks and drive. Damien came and asked Vincent why did he run away. Charmaine told Damien that too much drinking will harm his health. I hate watching this never ending cycle!!

She wanted some love and care and affection. Flashbacks of Kenneth and Rebecca again. Break, together, break, together. The judge announced that Elena will have the custody to keep the two children. Too much powder, too much make up but if this series spans over a decade or so, I suppose it is a necessity. The question is what will you do about her now? How do you feel about this article?

Mary yelled at Rebecca to not leave. Thx for the review.

Kenneth said Elena will testify in the court for her kids. My feeling all women who married Arthur in the end loves him and is charmed by him. I rarely comment on these forums and have not mentioned her nose except here.

Kenneth told Damien that he will represent Shacklew and will use her past to win the case. Damien visits Sire and told her that he knows she thinks of Adrian more than she thinks of him.

That is not fair!! Damien asked Kenneth if he knows how much it will harm the family reputation if she goes in the court. I mean when a series starts with such loving siblings, they may continue to be loving siblings or they may turn against one another. But I never intended to keep this, I intend to return it.

Kenneth told Elena when she goes to the court she has to be ready for the embarrassed situation of Ron and her. Rebecca told Ron that she learned from Kenneth that if he loves someone, he needs to bear the pain. So far I am the only on here recapping it per episode. Damien brought Ben to see Idy. Kenneth told Rebecca now he knows the feelings of losing his parent and he wished he spent more time with his mom. She will never forget them.


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All opinion remains my own. Vincent smoked alone in a shelter. Kenenth watch Rebecca leave the house. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Ron said Rebecca is silent which means she still likes him. Anyway poor Kwan but she herself knows who to go to.

Rebecca definitely has lots of room to improve, but she seems more natural in front of the camera and has something that fala lacks. Idy ate with Ben. Damien asked Tavia why does she torture herself.

Elena told Ron that Damien ignores her. Do they constantly have to be judged? In the past such names are popular, still is popular. She is man crazy because of him. Kenneth told Ron he made a mistake for Rebecca. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Because she uses sex as a weapon and she enjoys sex as well.

One, the editing for this series remains as absolutely abysmal. Blogging takes a lot of time! Drag her back home! Elena said she made out with Ron.

Why bother to be in the acting industry if you want to mess with your one asset when it is already good enough?

She only made out with Ron to ease her loneliness. After a while both becomes testy.


Kenneth told Rebecca to not feel guilty about Mary. Ben told Idy it hurts him seeing her tormenting herself like this.

Sire asked Tavia to tell Damien who is the father of the baby. Here, I see a bit of reservation from Elena, somehow I feel she should have kissed him deeper each time rather than a peck on the lips. He meets a gambler who tells him he has some good deal going on and he makes silger guy talk. But i agree with J that some of the reactions are a bit testy.

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles episode 37 recap

Even if a lusty one, but still a good guy. Skip to content January 19, jnewin. Anyway Charles have no chance now. All round EF, especially that hotel lobby music for the seduction scenes.

He is Chung Cheuk Man. Arthur is a flirtatious man and that sort so charming any woman will be interested at him. Rebecca asked Mary to give her a chance.

The times I shaxkles starved, beaten and how I ran away revap the age of 12, how I hid in your backyard garden, how you found me and how you gave me a sterljng potato which warmed me. TY also prefers special man with witty thoughts and Damien suits all her criterias. Damien asked Sire to tell him where is Vincent if she wants to help him.