They quickly rush him to the hospital for a check up, and realise that he has an ultra big tumour in his brain, which is the reason for his headaches and blurred visions at times. Turns out Mu Cheng is the girl at the cafeteria, and Guang Xi, out of ‘revenge’, takes on the bet of getting the kiss of Mu Cheng within a day. Ady An Liang Mu Cheng. I avoided AC for a long, long time just for one [stupid] reason — the bed scene. Derrick Chang Supporting Cast. Oct 4, – Feb 28, Aired On: Ady An Main Cast.

Hide ads with VIP. Promotional poster for Autumn’s Concerto. The series was filmed from June to December Guang Xi decides to help Mu Cheng and he wins the case during a mock court that the school always sets up when there’re disputes that cannot be settled. Archived from the original on December 15, D All right, here’s the review and recap of the first 6 episodes!: Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Yep, I didn’t think much of him last time actually, but watching AC certainly makes me think that he has potential.

Ai Li leaves in a huff after throwing Mu Cheng’s bag on the floor. Guang Xi starts to regain his memory after taking on a case where he defends his client from rape charges. So we were introduced to Ren Guang Xi, the son of the director of the school and he’s a badass, who thinks that he can get every girl he wants, which is kinda true.

Autumn’s Concerto Episode 1 – 6 recap – rambling thoughts

Feb 19, 34 of 34 episodes seen. Infuriated, he becomes violent with his client and, as a consequence, is sentenced to hours of community service in the same town that Mu Cheng and Xiao Le are living in. On the day that the final report comes out, Guang Xi purposely asks Mu Cheng to go for a checkup while he listens to the report because he doesn’t want Mu Cheng to hear the bad news.


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SINOPSIS Autumn’s Concerto Episode 1 – 21 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

He forces Mu Cheng to stop and accuses her yet again of being manipulative. She then spreads rumours that Mu Cheng always sells her body for something in return. Articles with Chinese-language external links CS1 maint: Guang Xi is so worried about her that he breaks through of his facade and fusses over her, and Mu Cheng asks him why he’s doing all that. TW dramas are perhaps flawed but it’s a shame for some of them to be ignored. Guang Xi goes for checkups which are very painful because of all sinolsis injections and what not, but because Mu Cheng is with him, he survives through them all without wanting to give up.

A security guard comes to patrol and Mu Cheng’s stepdad tells on them.

Tuo Ye finds evidence and presents it to the court, which helps to win the case. The drama series ended on September 17,in the Philippines.

Guang Xi later finds out that he has a tumor in his brain that sknopsis been affecting his behavior. Most Popular Time Travel Dramas.

The schedule was then changed to Saturday morning starting from 9: I keep nursing this hope that we might have some sort of follow up some day but i gather there’s not much chance of that happening.


Yep, I didn’t think much of him last time actually, but watching AC certainly makes me think that he has potential. From Wikipedia, the free cojcerto. He builds a strong bond with Xiao Le, and Mu Cheng is reminded of why she concertl him.

SINOPSIS Autumn’s Concerto Episode 1-21 Episode Terakhir

After that, is what happened 6 years later, which starts from Episode 7 and where I will start doing 2 episodes recap!: Retrieved from ” https: Mu Cheng sees the girlfriend of Jia Da, and notices that she has a piece of paper in her sinopiss.

The stepdad’s brain moves fast and convinces the stepmother that Mu Cheng is the one who seduces him. Mandarin Taiwanese [Note 1].

Guang Xi believes that Mu Auumn is manipulative, and he swears to make her show her true colors. I thought it was quite bad at the start, mostly because of his pronunciation which affects his expression and the way he acts, but I think he improves a lot after the six years later part!

This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat Della Ding and Wakin Chau. I didn’t like how TW dramas always use bed scenes to try and improve episode ratings, but of course now I’m super glad that I gave AC a chance!: It was also shown on the cable network Sanlih E-Television on Saturdays from Win a Japanese Snack box today! Mu Cheng gathers all her stuff and leaves as well, but she did not take her book with her.