There is a lot of this story to be told, and of course it was Bonnie Hammer who canceled the show. I am so sick of this Overmind One Nov 17, A special episode, “The Archived from the original on This was an amazing show. Do you get some answers? The s American drama television series American television series debuts American television series endings s American science fiction television series English-language television programs Serial drama television series Television miniseries as pilots Television series produced in Vancouver Television shows set in Washington state USA Network shows Television series by CBS Television Studios s American television miniseries.

I wish they would Bring it back. Keep me logged in on this device. It is never about the story, it is about more episode orders and continuing the writing jobs and production companies behind these shows. Set during the show’s third season, the plot revolves around Maia’s prophecy of the eruption of Mt. For example, in the pilot, Shawn Farrell manifests an ability to heal the broken neck of a dead bird, bringing it back to life. Can the name of the show be used?

This is believed by Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris to be the reason why the abductees were returned to the Seattle area – it cliffhanyer the only place they are likely to encounter individuals who possess the Starzl mutation and therefore the only place they are likely to produce children with abilities. However, if there is no promicin for it to bind to, it remains in the body. Each of the had disappeared in a beam of white light at various times starting in While the offspring of a returnee normally do not retain the ability to generate promicin, a second-hand report from John Shaffner an ex-special ops soldier suggested that the offspring of a and a Starzl mutant will be “promicin-positive”, meaning they will have abilities.


The excellent Sci-Fi show ‘ The ‘ was canceled abruptly after what some may consider one of the most interesting and open-ended cliffhangers in the series history: Mine teh essentially a standalone squeezed into the second or third season. Since the government ceases injecting promicin inhibitor, every develops an ability.

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June 28, 2: The series ended with a cliffhanger, with Collier pledging to build the future he had promised, while the government watches uneasily as Collier’s militia remains in control of Seattle, now known as Promise City. Tom returns to try and free Collier Billy Campbell but is unsuccessful. Confused and disoriented, they remember nothing between the time of their disappearance and their return.

Ignore Threads by Nobita. Production of the third season was shot in Vancouver until July 26, Promicin’s behavior cliffnanger effects are unpredictable, potentially giving any ability. Or will there be enough closure for me to be partially satisfied? I did a rewatch of Sanctuary recently and I could see it happen very quickly, going from good to bad to very bad.

Where does it go bad? Burkhoff develops a serum containing Isabelle’s pure promicin. The Starzl mutation is both harmless and conserved in those offspring; they live normal healthy lives. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Published in Octoberit is set during the show’s second season.

Promise Cityon the other hand, was all about wrapping up loose ends from the series–and setting things up for Dave’s book. Seasons two, three and four are each episode seasons counting the two hour premiers in seasons two and three as two episodes.


Bonus features include an introduction by the series creator, four featurettes, six audio commentaries and a gag reel. Do you already have an account?

When the premise is lost and the characters become involved in dramatic plots with interpersonal relationships. Do you need permission to use the character names and perhaps a graphic for the cover? I want to see seeason end to Surface, this show, Survivor, etc. The soundtrack to The was released on May 8, by Milan Records and includes music from the first three cllffhanger, as follows:. However, as part of a government conspiracy, every is regularly injected with a promicin-inhibitor, suppressing their potential new abilities.

There have been no reported plans to revive the series or wrap up the story. This is the cause of the new abilities in each returnee. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He can only be fed via IV because of his “power”.

The 4400. What a great show, but they never ended it and left it on a cliffhanger.

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