I really enjoyed the action sequences. There were two times though, I wished they had made the fight scenes a little longer to show more of a struggle to overcome. If you have any interest in watching the movie don’t let all the negativity sway you. Even when he storms out of the institute, Clary doesn’t think to say, “By the way, a vampire bit you. I thought the whole Twilight franchise was awful but despite the dreadfulness of those movies, the plot was never unclear to even those with IQ deficiencies. Time could have been better spent on character development so that we actually cared if anyone died in a fight.

He became a bland, one- sided villain, unlike the ingeniously dynamic character Clare made him out to be. I really enjoyed the action sequences. When her mother disappears, Clary Fray learns that she descends from a line of warriors who protect our world from demons. When supposed humans turn to demons, this is done very well. At no point in the film does anybody bother to tell him this. I can’t say the same about The Mortal Instruments. They were just creepy dudes living under a graveyard.

I didn’t mind how they chose to change things up a bit and thought they tied things together fairly well. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, few movies have ever come close to achieving that status. It’s a shame because they had such potential with this movie. The demons were gruesome, scary, and awesome! The movie had changes in it that ruptured the foundation of the book and a lot of what it stands for, ruining the ingenuity of the plot and the world that Clare built which had me so enraptured from the beginning.

She joins forces with others like her and heads into a dangerous alternate New York called Downworld. We could tell that Simon was nerdy, Isabelle liked slutty clothes and fighting, Valentine was evil, Hodge was sketchy, Luke was some kind egnlish family friend why, who knows?

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There was no build up. His attempt to be seen as tough when his stature said otherwise caught me at times. Oddly, it was the action scenes where I enjoyed instrumentz acting the best and believed he was the main man. City of Bones sub download 0 English subtitle hhhh sub download 0 English subtitle The. Are there runes to trim cat toenails and enable WIFI as well? AG] sub download 0 English subtitle The.


I went into this movie as open-minded as possible knowing that there were some changes made to the film. I can’t say the same about The Mortal Instruments. It’s has real action, solid acting, good cinematography, and dwells more on mrtal storyline then romance.

Readers may feel differently here, I was just confused if he was intended to be subtites tough guy or a joke. I just got done watching a midnight showing of City of Bones. Firstly, several reviews, both good and bad, had issues with the pacing. However, I was willing to judge it mortaal a film on its own merits, not as a book adaptation.

This show had legitimate effects, great action scenes, and subfitles really good acting performances. When her xubtitles disappears, Clary Fray learns that she descends from a line of warriors who protect our world from demons. I have spent the last few days reading over threads on the discussion board and once the critics reviews came out I read most of those too.

My fears were unfounded as the first hour of the show does a solid job of laying out the storyline. Home The Mortal Instruments: We cared about the mortal cup as much as we cared about the characters – which is to say, not at all. We died a little.

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Some of the changes will probably be unsettling to the fans or upsetting because more of the film was different than I was warned or expected. This is nothing like what I was expecting after having to endure the twilight films with their horrible acting and cheesy cinematography. Jamie did a convincing job and exceeded my expectations, but did fall a little short at subtle times as his skinny frame could not be overcome in the shot.

But in the end, we were forced to conclude that in the world of The Mortal Instruments, being bitten by vampires only improves your eyesight. City of Bones borrows ingredients from seemingly every fantasy franchise of the last 30 years podnpaisi but can’t seem to figure out what to morgal with them. Parts of it did come off a bit cheesy, but overall it did not overpower the movie like I thought it was.

First off I will say that I am a fan of the insyruments and I will try to make this review as middle ground as possible. When they finally kissed fhe the garden, it was uncomfortably awkward. From the beginning this film proves it’s a step above with cinematography and effects.


Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments is one of my favorite series and I was so excited to see this movie. No one else has ever seen this rune. Yes I know a lot were negative and abrasive, and sometimes even childish in their mockery of the young adult genre.

Simon is bitten by a vampire. It was like the screenwriters realized that their heroine had been useless and needed her to do something powerful to prove why she’s the protagonist, since her talents thus far largely involved leading others into mortal peril. I was worried about the romance being played up too much since some reviews were so caught up in the triangle.

One questionable effect towards the beginning of the show was easily forgotten due to the many excellent effects during the whole show.

But everyone who reads has there own interpretations and he wasn’t close to he Valentine I had envisioned. Time could have been better spent on character development so that we actually cared if anyone died in a fight. They weren’t too short or too long and I felt they were well coordinated. We were never shown why he would be attracted to her, or why she returned those feelings.

Go in with an open mind and make your own judgement.

I felt like all the performers were engaging though, with the exception of the role of Magnus. Actually, that’s a lie.

I was amazed at how well they did it! This is a movie made for more then just teenage girls and soccer mom’s. This is enlish they condensed a few of the events from the novel into a shorter time span subtitlee enable the movie not to drawl on and be way too long. Jessica Postigo, Cassandra Clare Writer: However, this movie was so horribly different from the book that it lost all of it’s value.