I think he wants to take out some anger, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was somehow motivated to vigilantism. But after browsing imdb I found out that yes, Goggins did win an Oscar but as a producer for the short film The Accountant in Ok so Vic is in suit-ant-tie-cubicle hell now. But Vic’s not testifying. So I went in with the idea that Vic would die. This was my favorite show, and I can’t think of how they could have done a better sendoff.

Just went back and watched that scene of Shane listening to his wife and son talking, right before he yelled out the title of the episode. Season 5 Preview A Lost: In the end, the question becomes if he is redeemable. Should never have been cancelled for the stupid Wedding Crashers. Vic can go on and on all he wants about how Terry was “a traitor” — which is, in a way, the writers justifying that act in light of everything that’s happened since as much as it is Vic trying to defend the worst sin of his miserable life — but the two of them are equally damned. Do I need to see Dutch grieve at Claudette’s wake? Kensington don’t know why I am directly responding to your posts I think she means it, relative to the moment she is in.

That he’s still got power. For 85 minutes I had this sinking feeling in my stomach. What a great way for them to say goodbye. In fact, as shown by his return to rveiew Barn for Claudette’s picture show, it was clear that he was a pariah amongst his peers. That’s too bad, but he’s free to meet someone new and start a new family. SImply amazing, and I’m still emotionally overwhelmed by it all. This happens a lot in real life.

So perfect in the way she defended Dutch and ended as she told him that he was a “guest of the county. I also wasn’t as excited as I was when Parricide happened. Some think Vic won’t be able to handle the cubicle life whereas others think Vic will try to get back into it from another angle.

I don’t see any scenario where Vic would have chosen death though. I guess if you don’t do a Six Feet Under-style montage, there are always going to be people saying “yeah, but then what? 11


While Vic does get off relatively light compared to his sins, it’s hard for me to imagine a fate worse for him because in death, his suffering would end. And you can’t get more visceral than several sequences in the finale, which was the most satisfying end to a great drama series shhield I’ve ever seen. I don’t see Shane making this decision alone. Thanks, Alan, for your interview post and for this recap. He will eventually find his family or least go down trying to.

Ditto on restarting the series.

Alan Sepinwall

Killing ones own child just seem unfathomable to me. So right now, Vic may well feel that sepinwwll worse off than Ronnie or Shane. Tongue sandwich My Name Is Earl: Vic living to scheme another day leaves the audience in a similar purgatory to the one in which Vic himself mired at the end of the episode.

What an amazing show, and what an amazing and satisfying finale. The final piece of evidence, for me, was his saying, “family meeting. I tried to build this list programmatically using a combination of thetvdb. Vic’s ex-boss Claudette, unable to prosecute Vic for a single one of his crimes due to the blanket immunity deal he scammed, hurt him the only way she could: Um, that’s more than I make at my boring office job.

I can see why some think Vic being office bound is not punishment enough, but I think it will be more difficult for him than the average person because he just doesn’t get it. Alan Sepinwall is an American television reviewer and writer.

‘The Shield’ finale, 3 years later

So, in Vic’s world, it’s worse to do 3 years in a job you hate than to be killed or go to jail? A look back Letters link Attack of the Apatow House: Either way, Vic’s murder of Terry was atypical, and I don’t feel like it’s ever been properly explained. Shawn Ryan, thank you for staying true to us. They’re disgusting, and yet I felt such empathy for them. Vic already got a taste of this at the end of season 1 when Corrine fled.


This was slaughter on a massive scale, orchestrated brilliantly by Walder Frey and Roose Bolton, and the “GoT” creative team made it every bit as impressive as was plotted out by those men and Tywin Lannister.

Wonderful ending to an amazing show! Just because Mackey doesn’t think the way you or I would doesn’t make him two-dimensional.

There was no reason for the rfview team to be on this — Mackey’s a great strategic thinker with lots of street knowledge, but it’s not like he’s a great detective. So are you telling me given the 2 situations that you would rahter be Ronnie than Vic? I was glad that Shane was able to dish out some ether from the grave on Vic though.

Reading these comments, I’m struck that it appears that no one else thought that Dutch might’ve killed the kid’s mom? Second, Ryan himself said he didn’t think that the cat incident was a big deal, so it doesn’t appear as though he was writing Dutch to be this secret serial killer. Everything Vic had ever touched has been destroyed. Alan Sepinwall’s reviews only count toward the Tomatometer when published at the following Tomatometer-approved publication s: The characters are rwview they are — left only to our imaginations to determine their fates.

Is it possible that the series slipped in this “smoking gun” and let the viewers figure it out for ourselves? Posted by Alan Sepinwall at 2: Written by George R. There is a certain relevance and significance to that type of individual.

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Breaking Bad finale, revisited Breaking Bad: Shane was right, Ronnie really was Vic’s whipping boy. Just launched a new version of my site. He cannot take the chance that Vik makkey could ever touch, see or communicate with his children Ronnie will disappear into prison.