It’s not like that. Episode 90 Episode Episode 66 Episode She wonders why he’s saying all this now, but Ringo admits he never stopped loving her. He reminds his daughter that she’s got heaps of homework to do tonight. Callum nods vigorously and Toadie struggles to come up with a reply. Donna’s confused – she doesn’t remember anything – but Nick gently says it’s probably best if she doesn’t exert herself too much. Episode 60 Episode

Seasons 3 12 January Seasons 7 21 January Episode 80 Episode Donna apologises but Ringo tries to suck it up and assures her it’s OK. Ringo offers to have a word with Karl, but Nick says he already spoke with Doug. Whether it’s a new release or a golden oldie, we’ve got you covered. He again reassures his stepson that he will sort it out and by the end of the day too! Toadie really isn’t buying it but Paul turns the emotional screws but Callum’s arrival wanting to talk about best man duties ends it and instead Paul leaves.

Episode 80 Episode Seasons 22 09 January Episode 88 Episode Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Donna says she’d love some juice, so Nick sends Ringo out to fetch it, much to his disappointment.

Shortland Street 5942 Episode 11th March 2016

Lyn frets and Toadie tells her to go after Susan and stop her from investigating further. Peter DickReg Watson creator. Episode 21 Episode Episode 85 Episode Episode 84 Episode Callum then hands Toadie a piece of paper containing a list of available venues [doesn’t say for what] that are awaiting his approval.


He is just about to say something important when Nick burst into the room and so his moment is lost. Seasons 28 09 January But I’m not a kid any more.

Seasons 17 15 January Episode 96 Episode Has the stress of his relationship with Rebecca taken it’s toll? Seasons 1 18 Waatch Episode 59 Episode He gives Donna a small bouquet of flowers and the bickies. Episode 30 Episode Toadie brings some flowers by a while later and finds Susan in the corridor looking in at Donna sleeping.

Episode 65 Episode Lyn says that it didn’t take long for Paul to reel Toadie into one of his schemes. Episode 29 Episode Yeah when you want her to give you lifts all over the place. You and Karl blank sheet of paper.

Episode 7 Episode Episode 75 Episode neighblurs Ringo admits he will be annoyed if Jim gets the blame for it, confirming to Susan that the site was locked and that he can’t figure out how Donna managed to get in.

He’s happy to see her looking well and Ringo chimes in that she can probably come home soon, but Nick says that Ringo shouldn’t jump the gun.



Someone’s got to pay. He tells them that they both did really well – Steph was super organised and integrated technology, which the teens appreciated.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview: I know you’re going to think I’m insane but Episode 25 Episode Fill out the signup form and start watching instantly.

Episode 99 Episode Enjoy your films the way they were meant to neibhbours experienced: Erinsborough Aatch Ringo has bought a balloon and a small stuffed animal for Donna, but it’s no match for the giant stuffed toy and balloon bouquet Nick got her. There’s something going on there. Seasons 27 10 January Episode 23 Episode But Lucas was more hands on and student- centered, which really appealed to the kids who are kinaesthetic learners.

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Why yes, they are mine and they show proof about why I should be best man at my dad’s wedding. The two of them are about to discuss it more when Rebecca comes outside looking for them, wanting to know what is going on.

Seasons 8 06 January